Hi everybody,

I was wondering if maybe someone can help me. I'm using KP3 as an additional midi controller for Traktor along Xone:1D.
When in midi mode, all the buttons on KP3 are on. So I was wondering, since Traktor can output a variety of values related to a certain parameter, if there's a way for KP3 to read those values and behave accordingly. Hypothetically, I'd like for program memory buttons 1-8 to go on/off when a certain thing happens, and Traktor outputs a certain midi value. Or maybe, for sample bank buttons to flash, or at least go on/off like the program mem. buttons.

One more issue, this one not so important. In fact, I'm not sure if this one's even doable. I've set up the touch pad to send X/Y parameters, the usual setup, so I was wondering if it's possible that, when you move your fingers along the pad and than stop pressing it, the red square assigned to that value stays on?

I'd appreciate any help or guideline regarding those problems, especially the first one.

Thank you,