Problems with left jog with vestax vci-100.1.4
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    Default Problems with left jog with vestax vci-100.1.4

    The truth is that I really like how it works traktor since I updated to version 1.4 of my vestax.
    The only problem I've encountered, has been that the left jog does not work very well. I move it but it costs so much moved on scratch. Happened to someone else?

    I'm using traktor pro 1.2.4

    Greetings and thanks.

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    Did you use the big import button when you loaded the new mapping? Sometimes it takes a importing the mapping a couple of times, restarting Traktor after each import. Also try updating to the newest version of Traktor. 1.2.6 is the current one so your two behind. Not sure if it'll help with your problem or not, but that seems to fix quite a few problems.
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