VCI 300 guys...are you sticking with it or bailing to an s4?
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    Default VCI 300 guys...are you sticking with it or bailing to an s4?

    So...Are you keeping your vci-300 or moving to an s4?

    I really like my VCI-300 and am questioning how much of a better leap an s4 would be in a real world party environment. The S4 seems like a sexy beast but we've all been down this path before, the next best thing is on it's way but is it really worth it?
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    only got my mk11 recently and its already in for warranty repairs. I am definitely considering the s4 as an upgrade but am going to wait a bit, just to iron out bugs, wait for a firmware upgrade e.t.c. Also don't think there is an official local supplier here (new zealand) yet. I try to buy local for warranty and to support local economy. Will let time tell, although if i got offered a sharp price i would be spending pretty quickly

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    probably stick my vci-100 SE. if i upgrade to anything it would be an apc40 and ableton, but i'd still keep my vci.

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    I'll be sticking with my VCI-300, for day-to-day DJing I think Serato ITCH and the VCI-300 is pretty close to perfect.
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