Midifighter problem, round 2!
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    Cool Midifighter problem, round 2!

    ok, so i solved my previous issue, it was simply not the right version of traktor.

    So i got my tsi files imported, and the first midi fighter works like a champ!

    when i plug my second one in, it's irresponsive.

    when i plug the usb cable into the 2nd one, it does its little light dance check, but at the end of it, one of these happens:
    a) first light illuminates solid (top left)
    b) the second light illuminates solid (button to the right of the top left)
    c) the first and second light dance between each other

    anyone experience this problemo before?


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    Heya Dan,

    Sounds like faulty hardware with the light pattern you are seeing, I have seen that once before in post manufacture testing.

    Contact the store and organise a swap out of the faulty midifighter.

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    thanks for the help!

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