Custom midi controller built into halloween outfit
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    Default Custom midi controller built into halloween outfit

    djtt community,

    I'm in need of some ideas. I'm planning on building a custom midi controller into my halloween outfit this year along with some simple built in speakers. My initial thoughts are to use a 13 inch mbp inside the outfit to run software that will have all the midi mapping to clips. Also, if anyone know of a small in-expensive device that could potentially be used instead of a computer. I would like people to be able to "push my buttons" and that would play sounds

    However, I need some electronics such as controller boards, wires, speaker elements and LED's. Anyone know of a good place in SF or the bay area where I can get such gear...or even online? I have quite a few arcade buttons and some knobs/sliders, but need all the stuff underneath.

    Any advice, ideas or rants about how stupid this is are welcome.

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    Thanks man! Tons of cool stuff. Anyone know of kits you could buy to make the shopping easier?

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    You are awesome! Thanks

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