Two LEDs on Cue/Sync buttons?
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    Default Two LEDs on Cue/Sync buttons?

    Hey guys,
    I've searched and cant seem to find the info Im looking for. The LEDs in both my CUE and SYNC buttons have failed on my 1.3SE. I know this is a common problem and I have no quialms about swapping them out. Problem is Im on a year long trip around the world with my VCI-100 and I didnt put a soldering iron etc in my backpack!

    I was wondering as an interim fix if there are green as well as blue LEDs in the Cues, and how I can adjust the 3.5.2 map to use those instead. Ive tried changing the range on the output to no avail. I really could do with this as it makes using the Sampler a lot harder as the only indication is thro the LEDs, no problem with the just the Cue state as I can see this in Traktor.



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    I'm pretty sure that there aren't green LEDs in there. Anyway, i believe the VCI fw is set up so that if there are 2 LEDs in a button, one is for off and the other is for on and this isn't changeable in the midi map. For example, when you have the unit plugged in and turned on but don't open Traktor, the green LEDs where there are also blue ones light up without a midi prompt.

    I'm open to being corrected on this of course, but I think you're out of luck
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