PROBLEM! HELP! Cueing with Numark Mixtrack
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    Default PROBLEM! HELP! Cueing with Numark Mixtrack

    Hey guys, i'm new to this forum and DJing. My older cousin used to DJ all the time but not events more of a scratch DJ with focus on solely turntablism.

    Anyways to the my point, I just purchased the Numark Mixtrack to get started. However, I did realize it needs an external soundcard and I was currently looking at this one:

    Would I be able to cue music with this or no?

    I know the Numark I/O has the ability to do so but I don't have $100 as I just spent most my money on Mixtrack.

    If that posted soundcard cannot cue, do you know of any cheaper ones that would work in cueing music?

    Price Range $25-50


    UPDATE: Would this card work?
    I do not see a USB plug-in though? They say its USB Powered but I do not see a USB plug-in...Also, would this be able to cue my music using the PHONO?


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    Dude, you've posted the same thread under 3 different titles. Don't be a dick and try to hog the forum with your small problem, one thread is enough and everyone gets a fair turn. Have a little patience and chances are someone will help you out.
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