Who mix with an akai apc 40?
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    Default Who mix with an akai apc 40?

    Hello all, its my first post in this great forum.

    I got an apc 40 to do my gigs actually, i tought it would be very nice to mix with it, ableton is amazing and with the dj marshall template its awesome, but i come from the world of 2 turntables and one mixer and im a bit lost, i miss normal EQ of them.

    While you mix with ableton and akai apc 40? What more things you people do with ableton at same time? I got an ipod touch with osculator and touch os, its possible to make a drum step seccuencer and controll it with it? Like maschine or those others controllers?

    Thanks. Loving DJTT. (And sorry for my english not my language! )

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    APC40+Maschine+S4(X1 Optional) if you feel like there's something burning a hole in your pocket.

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    I use the APC40 with Traktor.....my VCI100 and a turntable.

    Its AWESOME!
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