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    Default LPD 8 question.

    I bought an Akai LPD8 second hand off of Ebay for 20 quid. I wanted to use it to give me some visual feedback on which deck I was using. For instance I wanted to press one of the buttons and the led would stay latched on, telling me I was using Deck A. I was hoping to use this in conjunction with an EKS Otus to control 4 decks.

    So far I've tried using the Lpd8 editor to do this and I've tried using Traktor also, to no avail. I have also tried to google the answer but it seems there are lots confusion about whether I can do this. Can anyone clear this up for me?

    Ta in advance.

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    You can only change the LED feedback in the akai mapper rather than the traktor mapping, so set up how you want the LEDs to work through the included software then the actual button mapping through traktor

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    I just went the easy way with the "programs" or 'scenes'. scene one is deck D and B control, scene two is delete cues (which I'm not using anymore so i'm thinking a remap is comin up) scene 3 is for decks D and A (I have separate keys for C) and 4 is delete cues for that group. So it's KINDA what you're looking for, just tap the 'PROG CHNG' button and whichever is lit up, that's your set of controls, tap 'PAD' again and there you are.
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    You can't do what you want .... its really shite in that respect
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    Yuh, I noticed I can make a pad toggle other leds but not its own. Meh

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