I haven't got any CDJ's to find out for myself so gotta ask on here; If you save a load of cue points onto an SD card, is it remembered by the individual track or the CD it self. Say if I save 4 hot cues to a tune, if I then burn that same tune into a different disc with different tracks will the hot cues still work even tho its in a different position on the CD with different tracks on it too? Also, if you get the same tune from a different source that might be in a different bit depth, say WAV as opposed to 320 mp3, will you have to re enter the hot cues as the CDJ isn't seeing it as identical files? And what is the recommended size of SD card to have? As I know you can only save a certain amount of cue points per track or per CD or some shit. Is it a case of the bigger the SD card the more you can store or is there a maximum amount of hot cues the CDJ can physically save regardless of the size of SD card. Also any recommended brands of SD cards to use at all, or at least any to stay away from?

There might be some more questions to follow but any help on that would be awesome.