iLife 11 was announced today and is available in the apple store now. It's got a couple of new features that seem to be able to make crappy musicians sound awesome, but the one that jumps out at me is Flex Time.

Flex Time
Your performance is about to get even tighter. Flex Time is a new tool that lets you quickly change the timing of your recording, so your song has perfect rhythm. Something sounds a little off? Use Flex Time to fix timing mistakes on the fly. Just click and drag any part of a waveform to change the timing of a note or beat. You can move, stretch, or shorten individual notes without changing the good parts of your recording. And Flex Time is great for creative inspiration: Extend guitar riffs, alter vocals, try different rhythms, and get new ideas. Your Flex Time edits are highlighted so you can easily see your changes. Click the Flex Time button at any time to compare your edits with the original performance.

Wonder if we'll be able to line up beats to a certain BPM? I'll probably get it, but I'm in no hurry since I don't really use iLife as it is. Anybody in a hurry to try this out?