OT/ Mobile Dj's: Ever used your speakers for video games!?
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    Default OT/ Mobile Dj's: Ever used your speakers for video games!?

    Tonight I hooked up two 15" speakers with my 12" sub and rocked DJ Hero (Haters can click the back button) Call of Duty (Nazi Zombies of course) and Dead Rising!

    I have never been more concerned about a grenade going off in my life! Anyone who has this stuff laying around and hasn't done it, you have gotta give it a shot! So fun.

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    +1! A dark room, a few bongloads and Silent Hill turned up to 11 will break your mind.

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    Im not a mobile dj but I do this every time I play through Metal Gear Solid and Scifi Horror games.

    I remember when I did it to Dead Space - I was too afraid to fall asleep for days!

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    Dead Space!? No way. I'd crap my pants.

    If I had this equipment back in the days of Resident Evil (first one) that doberman jumping through the window would've given me a heart attack. I don't think I could handle a horror game. Those kind of things put me on edge as it is. Although more on the suspenseful side, I'd like to play Bioshock on this now.

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