Midi Mapping- Is 3 modifiers on a single button possible?
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    Default Midi Mapping- Is 3 modifiers on a single button possible?

    Dear All,

    Long time reader, first time poster.....

    I am trying to combine my three favourite midi-fighter mappings into one by using a toggle modifier and am trying to find out if the following is possible:

    Its going really well so far but ive hit a problem when a button already have 2 modifiers.

    I have added 2 modifiers to a buttonto change the function of that button but I can not figure out how to create a fourth use for a button without accidently triggering one of the other functions for the other modifier.
    As there are only 2 columns for modifiers does anyone have a solution to add a third modifier as I have noticed you need to enter M1= 0 and M2= 0 to stop the others from working.

    So the idea is for a single button is

    Standard press= X (example jump to hotcue)
    Hold Mod 1 = Y (delete hotcue)
    Toggle Mod 2 = Z (enter fx mode)

    I am no looking to create a third Modifier to give a fourth function but can not cancel out the the other 3 functions. I noticed even on Ean Goldens complex mappings no buttons appear to have more than 3 uses, so im guessing its not easy- but if any any mapping experts could let me know if this is possible or not it would be appreciated.

    Many Thanks


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    Traktor only support adding two Modifier a button Cond1 and Cond2.
    What you can try is mod stacking... that is any modifier can equal 0 to 8 for a total of 9 different states.
    Done carefully a button can do:
    when m1=0 & m2=0 - Func1
    when m1=1 & m2=0 - func2
    when m1=1 & m2=1 - func3
    when m1=0 & m2=1 - func4
    And so on until you cover all of them.

    To solve you question I'd....
    Hotcue - m1=0 & m2=0
    Delete Hotcue - m1=1 & m2=0
    FX mode - m1=0 & m2=1
    Crazy mode - m1=0 & m2=2

    M1 hold set value to 1 - m1=0 & m2=0
    To get it to default back to 0 on release I found a cool trick in the MF deckalised mapping.
    M1 dec set to inverse - m1=1 & m2=0 (this means that on button release M1 goes back to 0)

    M2 set value to 1 - m1=0 & m2=0
    M2 set value to 0 - m1=0 & m2=1

    M2 set value to 2 - m1=0 & m2=0
    M2 set value to 0 - m1=0 & m2=2

    Hope this helps if you hadn't already solved it.

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