X-Session "pro" mod help?
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    Default X-Session "pro" mod help?

    Hey there guys,

    I've recently picked up a second x-session "pro" (I've used my other one for about a year now.) and I was thinking about modding it with three new things.

    1. 4 channels instead of two (I can probably work out the mappings for traktor after dicking around on the firmware for a bit). Perhaps tempo control for each(?)

    2. Soundcard (oh god, I want to shoot myself with the set up I have now [RCA mono into a splitter, the otherside of the splitter are the montiors]) With preferably XLR outputs RCA

    3. New casing (I've got that one)

    So my issue is this. How do you think I can do this?


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    hey there. wanted to weigh in since you hadn't gotten a reply yet. been pondering a mod to my x-session pro too so i've scoured these forums for ideas.

    i am a little confused about what you want to do. do you want to combine the x-session pro and sound card into one unit powered by one USB? from what i understand this is tough to do.

    check out this post for the sound card mod.
    i think adding a sound card to the circuit board of the x-session pro is out of the question so you'll have to simply build one into the case and power it with its own usb. since you're doing a new casing, you should be able to fit the sound card in as you wish.

    as for the 4-channel idea, assuming you're in traktor, i think coming up with a mapping using some modifiers will get you there but perhaps i'm not understanding what you intend to do...

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    Just a thought, has anyone taken all of the pots/sliders off the 'Pro' and replaced them with better equipment? The Pro is excellent value but the pots and buttons are awful.

    I was thinking of using the main board for the 'brain' and getting Alps faders/pots for a better feel. Anyone?

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