Thinking about giving my y57TTM a shot -- should I?
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    Default Thinking about giving my y57TTM a shot -- should I?

    I haven't given any of the effects in Serato a shot, mainly because I never had a midi controller, and because I didn't trust the 57 knobs or the effects that came built in with the 57TTM.

    Now there there's super knobs and hyper knobs and what not for effects in Serato, I'm working if any of you Serato guys can speak from experience with using some effects with the 57TTM.

    If you could recommend some effects that would be great. I'm a tech house DJ for the most part, and I use effects sparsely. I use the filter on the DJM800 every time I'm playing at a club (57 into 800), and I use the loop roll a lot to create interesting drum patterns on the fly. I'm really interested to know how the HP/LP filter is on the new Serato. And even more interested if there's any other interesting effects I should check out.

    Feedback would be super appreciated, I have a big gig this friday


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    Honestly what it really comes down to is:

    Hours and hours of dicking around until you find what would work for you.

    Honestly. There's no special "awesome" that anyone can tell you, it's just a crapshoot of trial and error.

    But really though, it's fun and worthwhile time spent.
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