I put this together over the last few months.

here it is...

Master FX Maschine Expanded Ensemble Layout and Guide.

The FX are Chained in this order internally...

R3order, Reverser, Phaser, Grain FX1, Grain FX2, Octave, Spin, BeatLookUp, Multiband Filter, LP Filter, HP Filter, Flanger, Dual Sync Delay, Compressor.

1. R3order v1.2 (originally created by Riccardo Ferri) - This is the first largest part at the top of the screen. Its essentially the same thing as smart electronics suppatrigga but with a refined GUI that gives total control over slices, power down & reverse timings. This is the foundation of stage 1. It can use live input or a sample from the built in sampler which holds 128 samples and can be midi mapped to scroll through samples while playing.

To R3order I added 8 midi mappable sequencers and a list editor that allows you to play through your FX sequences by midi.

The original GUI based slice editor is still in tact but I added the 8 numeric pattern sequencers for midi playability as the GUI editor does not midi map.

I also added the ability to turn the power down and reverse effects off and on independently from the slicer itself.

There are midi mappable controls for all the major functions.

*R3order works 1 bar behind live time-meaning that it has to buffer 1 whole bar before it starts to work and will always end up a bar behind the live input.

2. Then I took several single effect modules from an ensemble called Optimus Rex by Donald Phillips.

they are the following -

The Reverser, Phaser, Grain FX1, Grain FX2, Octave, and Spin modules.

All these effects can be activated instantly in live time.

3. Then I used the heart of BeatLookUp by Chris List as the final slicing stage.

This is a %100 live time playable slicer, reverser and powerdown effect that functions %100 in realtime audio input with instant playing response.

It has a very different type of power than R3order so both were bult together, BeatLookUp is staged last in the major effects/slicing chain to allow for maximum FX overlaps and captures/stutters.

Then there is the filtering stage.

a multi-band (8) filter with band shift, low pass, high pass then a flanger and a dual sync delay and a compressor finish out the audio chain.

Basically this is my little combo masher and a control template for the Maschine Midi hardware from Native Instruments.

thank you to the Reaktor community who built all the hard parts.

Riccardo Ferri - R3order
Donald Phillips - Optimus Rex
Chris List - BeatLookUp

enjoy and Thank you.



this includes the ensemble and a Maschine Hardware Template that is Pre mapped to everything.