Vestax Typhoon vs. Numark Mixtrack with NI Audio 2 dj
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    Default Vestax Typhoon vs. Numark Mixtrack with NI Audio 2 dj

    Hey guys Im new to the forum but im looking into a digital controller. I was wondering based on those of you who have used these 2 controllers which do you think twould be the best controller all in all , and with mappable effects in traktor pro?? or if you have any more recomendations in this price range that would be great to please include why you would choose it over those two above as well!
    Thanks guys let me know!


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    Same question here.

    I'm also looking at the Numark MixTrack Pro, which includes a sound card, and a Hercules RMX, which I believe also includes a sound card. I'm looking for a controller in this range to use with Traktor Pro, mixing mainly trance/tech-trance.

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    well I have the Vestax Spin (same as typhoon), and it's been great. ALthough it doesn't quite have as many buttons as you'd like, if you're really gonna be using FX alot. I currently use my Spin with a Native Instruments Kontrol X1 for effects and loops. But if you're looking for an all in one solution, I would probably recommend the Mixtrack, although the only gripe I have about it, is that it doesn't have gain knobs for each deck, just a master one.
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    With auto-gain enabled you should rarely if ever have to adjust the gain pot. Of course, you can re-map one of the knobs...

    I posted Mixtrack/Typhoon comparison on another thread, but I guess no one uses the search function anymore (lol).

    Basically, I had the same question and it was bugging me so much that I just went out and bought both the Mixtrack and the Typhoon last week to make a head-to-head comparison.

    The clear winner was the MIXTRACK!!!

    Although the build quality and jog-dial response seemed about the same, the Mixtrack had a wider layout, more buttons/knobs, and generally felt more comfortable to use.

    The Typhoon felt so cramped that after one night it went back to the store.

    Keep in mind that both aren't exactly road-worthy. I'm fully expecting something on my Mixtrack to break from gig usage.

    The stems on the knobs are plastic and could easily break off. The faders are cheap and probably aren't user replaceable. The usb cord is permanently attached and if anything happens to that you're screwed...but for $150 I can take the risk.

    For that reason. I suggest getting a Mixtrack/NI Audio 2 over the Mixtrack Pro just to keep thing modular and easily replaceable.
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