Why does sync disable when I use the pitch fader on the master deck?
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    Default Why does sync disable when I use the pitch fader on the master deck?

    So, I am a little confused. Here is the scenario

    Set Deck A to Master
    Set Deck B to Sync
    Start playing a song in both decks
    Drag the pitch fader on deck A and drag it up or down a notable amount

    Result: Deck B unsyncs and sets itself as the master.

    Why would it do this?

    If I click the -/+ buttons a few times the tempo on deck B will stay synced and follow that of Deck A. Sometimes, when I only move the pitch fader a little bit then Deck B stays synced but if I move it more it suddenly unsyncs.

    Is this intended behavior? Am I failing to understand how it should be used?


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    try toggling on both decks into sync mode
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    Sometimes if you move it to fast it will go out of sync.
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