So I've recorded a mix. I want to overdub some scratching on top of it via Traktor. I've got the mix in Logic on output on 3-4 so it's on channel 2 of my mixer. I've got a record channel on output 1-2 so the deck I am scratching with is on channel 1 of my mixer.

The record input is on 7-8 with the cables coming out of my mixer into 7-8 on my Audio 8. Now obviously this is going to record the master mix, not just the deck I am looking to record. I'm sure I've done it before, and I've not long ago woken up so my brains not quite fully functional yet, but how do I record just channel 1-2 from the audio 8 in logic and not the whole mix from the mixer yet still being able to listen to the mix.