How to set Traktor Pro in shuffle mode?
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    Default How to set Traktor Pro in shuffle mode?

    Shameful question, but this weekend I'm going to be doing the music at my gf's halloween bash, theres going to be 50-60 people and to be honest, I dont really want to stick around my setup playing pop tracks one after the other until later in the night where I will actually mix. The gf gave me a stern warning not to spend the entire evening on the turntables showing off

    Is there a way to put Traktor into some sort of shuffle mode like on Itunes? I don't REALLY want to switch to Itunes to do this, i'd rather do it from traktor.

    I know we can make playlists, but how do I set up traktor so that it loads up tracks randomly and plays them? Kinda like a jukebox mode

    edit: Randomness is not required to be honest, as long as I can just set it and forget about it
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    there is only continuous mode in traktor, so it "mixes" between songs, just make a random playlist and load 1 track, push play and it should do just fine.

    remember traktor ain't meant to be a fire & forget app, hence no shuffle/repeat

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    Cruise Mode will do it.

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    or simply search for some pop sets or make one your own beforehand
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