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    Default Firebox transport case

    Beeing a techie I like my equipment to works, in bedroom and in the club, after a bumpy transport in my DJ backpack. Presonus Firebox has some knobs on the front and (what constantly pisses me off) displaced firewire connectors on the back. God forbid master/phones knob gets broken, I'd be reduced to 3 or even two players (that is, until I get to a place with soldering iron).
    Ever since I bought firebox I've been carrying it in some box, first it was from Iriver CD player, than generic ADSL modem, etc.
    Last week I've modded a Curver "Assortment box LRG" (cat#:02921; Size: 250x186x52mm) which I got as a birthday present.

    I loved the box and it was tough to get myself to cut it but eventually I found time and will one afternoon. I made space for presonus and my custom powersupply. The firebox fits snuggly as the thickness is just right and I made two side-holders that prevent it from moving.
    All the plastic was cut out with scalpel, and I do not recommend this method as my hands here sore from hours of cutting and correcting. Use small hobby dremmel-tool if plan on doing this.
    Future upgrade just might have back openings for firewire and audio connectors so I don't have to uplug them every time. (offc, in that case there would also be internal power lead so nothing has to be removed from the box)
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