APC44 fake design
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    Default APC44 fake design


    I just finish a fake design of APC40 evolution.
    you can see a short video here :

    don't hesitate to give me your feedback

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    Not sure what the big Ableton fans on here will think of this. It loses the control grid functionality of the APC40 and only controls 4 channels, it looks almost like you designed it for Traktor control rather than Ableton.
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    I agree there are only 4 track ... but with preset position and the possibility to controller not just the track you have in selection and with more variety than just knobs .... this is actually my big frustration

    (sorry for my very bad english )

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    you begin your video with the words "the apc40 could be frustrating for live performance" - if you own one, I suggest you learn to use it and then re-evaluate that statement - or just sell it

    it's an ableton controller, and ableton is live performance first. from the looks of it, you're trying to traktorize an ableton liveset and make it more of a DJ tool, which is... balls. sorry, but I don't like this approach one bit. this may be due to the fact that I think DJing with ableton live is like buying a porsche 911 just to drive around the corner and get cigarettes...

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    mmm i don't think modulate 2 signals in the same time is use only by DJ ... no ?

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    I think this is pretty cool actually, DJing wise this is like the 4midiloop and will be good.

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    I think that's a good concept personally... but then I never saw the point in using Ableton Live as anything other than a DAW... much prefer using Traktor to perform live.

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    i like apc80 better this is nothing more than a 4ch mixer with fancy lights. main idea of th apc series and the launchpad is controlling the grid, something no other controller was able to do like them before (perhaps monome?), your design is closer to de VCM6000 wich I find great, but missing this crucial function.

    your mapping approach is way too traktor lol, think control surface mode
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    Perhaps I did not was clear in the description, you can navigate in the grid too ...otherwise it will not have utility

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    and you can store the position in the grid with preset buton on the bottom right

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