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    Quote Originally Posted by completej View Post
    woah woah woah

    hold the phone (mbp newb here)

    you can just swap out the useless optical for extra space?

    Yes, I have one too and it works great. SSD as main drive for super fast boot times and program loading, regular HDD with plenty of space for music etc. Even comes with an enclosure to turn the old superdrive in to an external USB CD drive. They're pretty straight forward to install if you've done any computer DIY yourself before, though opening your brand new MBP and pulling bits out is a little nerve-wracking!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanPhilip View Post
    I have a 2.16 GHz MBP w/ 1GB of RAM & a 120GB HD. It is about 4 years old. Still a great computer, but could use some upgrades to optimize for djing purposes.

    Obviously, much more RAM and a larger HD will be on the top of my list. Other than this, are there any other improvements I should consider?
    install 2gb ram, 2x1gb sticks to take advantage of the DDR ram.
    OSx 10.6
    500gb HD

    RAM 50$
    OSX $29
    500GB HD $50

    sick running mac with about 2 hours of work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kornel View Post
    I would recommend getting an ssd inside, and if you need more space get an external drive. The ssd will greatly improve the speed at which things happen; it will seem like a whole new computer. 2gb or ram would be good, 4 would be even better but not really necessary.
    i will not ever in my life use a computer without a SSD again. the difference is huge on my 2009 macbook pro. i got rid of the cd-deck and put the old HDD in there. so i got space and the system running super fast on the new 160gb h

    oh btw. snow leopard is a pretty good upgrade to costwise.
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    Yep. Biggest issue is not comletely blowing a load in your pants.


    1: Buy your own HD -- only buy the chassis from OptiBay. It will work our cheaper. There are apparently WAY cheaper solutions (from HK) but don't come w/ the tools to easily open the MBP or the USB container for the SuperDrive in case you need it.

    2: Use some electrical tape or something to make sure your drive is sturdy. Mine has come undone a couple of times. Need to get to the HW store.

    Just make sure you get the right one and get to it. Easy to lose the screws as well, so be careful of that.

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