Stage Presence, what do you do?
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    Default Stage Presence, what do you do?

    Hey guys,
    So I've noticed that far too many local DJ's do nothing but mind their knobs and stare at their computer screen. In my opinion no matter how good you are at making sweet transitions it's all wasted if you don't have good presence.
    So I was just wondering what you all do be more entertaining and fun to watch onstage.

    On my end there's:
    1) Talking to them. To me, a microphone is as important as a controller. Even a standard "How you doin' tonight!?" can set you apart from others. Call and response stuff is fun too.
    2) Hand movements. Getting them to move their hands up and down with you during a heavy drop is awesome.
    3) Eye contact and front-row high fives. Make 'em feel like friends!

    Excited to see what you guys have to add.
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    sing along with the song.
    pretend like your the shower. with a lot of people & electronic equipment around you.
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    It depends on the venue and location of the booth.

    Wither way I enjoy the crowd enjoying the music more than enjoying me.
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    throw beer bottles at them!

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    No mics. Ever.
    Don't try and get people into any stupid routines.
    Smile, have a bit of a boogie in the booth, have a wander and chat to people. Sing along like @DJ_Solus says. Don't be afraid to look like a bit of a tit. But don't look a massive tit.

    That's it.
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    Typically, I'm a pretty reserved person, but when DJing in front of a crowd I let loose and it pays off for sure. I just no longer care about how I look and just have a great time. I'm jumping up and down, hands in the air, singing along, screaming back and forth with the crowd, all the time with a fat smile on my face. When I can I'll drop the phones and mob into the crowd to dance with everyone.

    Your interaction with the crowd is extremely important and when people see how much energy and passion you put in, they are sure to return it.

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    Microphones are for Karaoke bars!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuisMayhem View Post
    1) Talking to them. To me, a microphone is as important as a controller. Even a standard "How you doin' tonight!?" can set you apart from others. Call and response stuff is fun too.
    mic's only really have a place if you're playing an urban genre, and at a stretch top40.

    anything else is a big no-no

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    No microphones for me either.

    They remind me of mediocre clubs and DJ's like Pauly D. Only a good MC can sometimes do a set some good, but it has to be a good MC.
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    +1 for NO MIC
    It's mc's job, not dj's. One of the most important thing for a dj is to sense the energy of the crowd.
    Dance in your booth, jump a bit, keep it up with drinking with the crowd!!! ;-)
    Also, once I used iPod, wireless connected to pc to control traktor, I have climbed on bar, triggered some brake down, made crowd to clap in some rhythm, then played Blue Monday Vandalism Rmx.
    Everyone from that party remembered me!!!

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