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    So I just bought a Vestax typhoon,
    and now there are a few things that I did not get working.
    like when i have my gain at 0.0 dB it keeps overloading(leds next the EQ stays red).
    only when i put the gain on -12dB its not overloading on the typhoon.

    And i would like to use my vestax internal soundcard with cubase 5 but cubase gives me nothing i did everything i created a bus at vst connection did the asio setup i dont know what to do.

    help is highly appreciated,


    sony vaio
    4gb ddr2 memory
    intel dual core
    driver i use :
    asio 4 typhoon

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    if you see in the official page of vestax. they say "NOTE : Please check the specifications of your computer before purchasing Typhoon.Typhoon supports Intel Core Duo, but does not support Intel Core i series, Intel Celeron, Atom and AMD CPU." i know this are not your cpu but maybe your cpu it's also having problems.

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    Hey, sorry to bring this back up again, but I'm having the same problem as you are/were having.
    Did you find a solution for it perhaps?
    I'd be really glad to hear it.

    Thanks in advance.

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    The OP had two problems, which one are you having? What are your computer and software specs?
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    Sorry, forgot about that, I'm having the problem with the Gain.
    When I load a song into a deck, it's like the gain automatically goes to +12 db, and the song basically only sounds right when i turn it all the way up first, then all the way down to -12 db.

    My specs:
    Intel Core 2 Duo
    not so sure about the others

    Thanks in advance.

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