Newbie- traktor audio4/scratch duo bundle or used vestax spin
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    Default Newbie- traktor audio4/scratch duo bundle or used vestax spin

    Hi i have been following this site for 6 months and gained a lot from you guys. So i want to buy my first equipments so need a soundcard and a controller.i already have traktor scratchpro(torrent,sorry). Confusion is between the audio4/traktor scratch duo bundle for 200 bucks or a used SPIN for 250. Not into gigs at this moment,will learn basics first then else.and i like both dubstep and electronic and of course 'Ean style'.

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    well, you need decks and a mixer and some decks for traktor duo/scratch... so price goes up

    still, I'd recomend you go legit and save yourself quite some headaches while supporting the people who develop the program. Grab traktor and save some more for analogue setup if you plan to spin on timecodes, or another controller.

    edit: traktor pro/duo with a audio 2dj look like a nice combo
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    Do yourself a favor and go legit with the software or I'm afraid you won't get much help here. You can mix with just a mouse and a keyboard until you can get a controller. And if you don't need scratch functionality you can get just regular Traktor Pro and use it just fine and save lots of money.
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    traktor pro at the moment is only like $90 dollers aint it?
    grab that and and a cheap soundcard there are plenty out there right now
    and pick something like a total control or a mix track 2nd hand
    that way u get everything and when you get more money u can start to upgrade your gear

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    I know there's a strong resistance against using pirated software here, but I have to be the devil's advocate here in saying im not 100% against. I started out with a free VDJ edition. After I lost that copy I pirated VDJ Pro. Next I figured I'd try Traktor, which I did by downloading a pirated copy of TSP. After using TSP for a while I knew it was what I'd be using from then on. But since I didn't have any money, I used it for about a year, up until now.

    I was going to buy a VCI and upgrade to a legit Traktor pro. But now I have an S4 on order, and am considering buying an Audio 8 because of the recent price drops.

    Imo being able to try a pirated copy of Traktor has made me a lifetime customer of NI. If I didn't have the chance to do this, I would probably still have been stuck VDJ.
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    Using legit software will be much easier for you. If you ever DJ for anybody besides yourself and Traktor just crashes on you, that's why. Cracking a program can leave major bugs inside. For bedroom DJing I suppose it's fine, but even the house party DJ needs reliable software.

    That being said in this situation I would go with the Audio 4. NI makes good powerful sound cards. I would much rather have clean crisp music than a mediocre controller.

    Just my .02
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