Problem using external decks on Hercules RMX
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    Default Problem using external decks on Hercules RMX

    I'm having problems getting sound from external decks to run in Traktor through the Hercules RMX.

    I have set up deck D for external sound, I can see the volume bars moving in the input routing preferences pane, but can't hear the audio.

    I tried using the other audio input channel, this will play, but doesn;t seem to go through Traktor as it keeps playing even when I shut down Traktor.

    I already have sound via decks A+B playing MP3 / WAV through Traktor, so I know the Hercules soundcardis working.

    I have the Hercules RMX drivers as linked to here on DJ TechTools, there is no fault with the cables (i checked with my iPod).

    I'm expecting to be able to use up to 2 external sound sources, through the Hercules, into Traktor, and be able to control the volume, EQ, Xfade, effects etc.

    Does anyone have a walk through or tutorial link to show me how to set this up? Or are my expectations way off?

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    Have you set the deck to audio through mode with the little arrow under the letter D?
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    thanks for that, I'll check it out. I didn't realise that was there - I've been using Traktor since DJ Studio 1.0, never tried running external audio through it until today!

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