VCI-100 sensitivity knob fell off!!!
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    Default VCI-100 sensitivity knob fell off!!!

    So I was playing with the sensitivity know and when I was turning it, it fell off. It just f-ing fell off. I recovered both pieces from dis-assembling the unit and was shocked when the right job wheel gave me the red light of death. After further fiddling (god must have been on my side), the job wheel was acting normal. Everything is ok now, with the only problem being that my sensitivity knob is sitting on my desk. Any thoughts? Thanks guys

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    I was gutted wen this happened to me because the sensitivity was right up as well so the slightest touch would make the jog wheel red, meaning no chance of scratch mode.

    I had to buy a new VCI because of this annoying problem (how extreme for such a small vital component), they are so flimsy.


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