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    Going to work tomorrow at 10am so Didn't get drunk, or go out partying today.... Ok maybe I did get drunk... Thats why one of the two tracks were so low, I got carried away by all the fine ladies on facebook

    No planned set, just went with the flow of some new tunes and some old tunes I had.
    Anyway here it is, let me know what you think.

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    Really liking this. Nice job man.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lambox View Post
    Really liking this. Nice job man.
    Thankyou! : )

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    anyone else have any feedback so I can get better ?

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    Hey dude, listening to it now. Its not to bad the begining is a bit shaky but it steadies out. Next time try longer fade outs/ins, try to keep the transition smooth. I like your choice of tracks. how about posting up a tracklisting?

    Next time try making your mix without the alcohol!
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    Default Nice tracks

    Nice tracks. Check out these new ones from Hibernate that are coming out. I'm sure you'll appreciate the quality of the productions.

    Get back to me if you like any of these. I'll be more than happy to send anyone any free track they desire. I don't want to be some spammer - I want to make sure I give as well as take - so I will give free tunes to anyone who wants to get more acquainted with Hibernate's music.


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