Vci-100se + dvs & traktor scratch pro?
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    Default Vci-100se + dvs & traktor scratch pro?

    ive had a vci-se, soundcard and traktor pro for some time now mixing internally. my old Technics 1200s have been lonesome collecting dust with no mixer. Id like to start fingerin some vinyl again so im thinking up going from traktor pro over to traktor scratch pro with the audio 8 dj package.

    is it possible to do this and use the vci as my mixer?
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    yep, youll just have to set traktor to internal mixing mode... and when it comes to all the cables, plug in all the ins and outs on the back of your interface (audio 8), and the ones that hook up to your turntables that control the timecode vynils... but then... obviously, you wont have a mixer to plug in the seperate outputs, so there will be several cables that come with the audio 8 that will be left unused... but since you will be set to internal mixing mode, technically all outputs should be routed to output 1 and 2, since all the mixing will be done internally through MIDI.... hope this helps

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