VCI-100 SE - Does this affect the warrenty..?
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    Default VCI-100 SE - Does this affect the warrenty..?


    Just a quick question, being doing some research as to which 'controller' is best for me to start off with, and it looks like the VCI-100 is the way to go, especially given the excellent support, add-on's etcs. available through this site.

    Now, I do plan on purchasing the SE upgrade eventually, but does this affect the Vestax warrenty if anything went wrong with the unit (in general I mean, not specific to the SE upgrade)?

    Reason I ask is that if it does, I might be tempted by a low-milage unit from ebay for a bit less (also seen a couple recently which come with a soundcard), as an alternative to a new unit that should have a full 12-month warrenty...

    Not going to dissuede me from buying a VCI-100, but thought I'd ask none the less..


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    there is no way to know if you once did a firmware upgrade so I would say no.

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