Sunday Afternoon Chill/Liquid Drum & Bass Mix "Roll One For the Homies"
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    Cool Sunday Afternoon Chill/Liquid Drum & Bass Mix "Roll One For the Homies"

    Just a relaxed 1 hour mix I did while my son was napping...he woke up in the middle of it and it kinda degenerated from there but overall I think it turned out ok...Very standard deck a to deck b to deck a... linear Drum and Bass mix, I really need to work on unlocking the power of Traktor, but I digress, please comment and let me know what I can work on/what I'm doing well...Anyway I'm off to bed, be easy all.

    Roll one for the homies


    Sinistarr - Anorak (Nu Directions)
    Specific - She Dreams (Nu Directions)
    Madmen & Poets - Delta Zero (Fokuz)
    Syncopix and Tomahawk - Collateral (Hospital)
    Madcap - Red October (Fokuz)
    Netsky - Come Back Home (Liq-Weed Ganja)
    Mutt - I Used to (Fokuz)
    Lomax and Evenson - Avenue (Spearhead)
    ASC - Iris (Nu Directions)
    Marky and Bungle - Let Me Tell You (Spearhead)
    Nookie - You Don't Know (Nu Directions)
    Well Being - Darling Heart (Fokuz)
    Spy, Marky, Random Movement - Tapestry (Innerground)
    Luca - Screen in Motion (Hospital)
    Seba - Snow (Hospital)
    Heist - Acoustic Shield (Nu Directions)
    CLS & Wax - Broken (Fokuz)
    Brother - Autumn Light (Fokuz)
    A Sides - Lustrous (Spearhead)
    Concept and Shnek - Take This (Nu Directions)
    Blame - Hindsight (Hospital)
    Verbal - Frozen Lake (Fokuz)
    Well Being - Without a Doubt (Fokuz)
    Blu Mar Ten - Overwhelm - Seba Remix- (Blu Mar Ten)
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