[CP010] Out now on CULPRIT: M A N I K - "McLovin You"
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    Default [CP010] Out now on CULPRIT: M A N I K - "McLovin You"

    Los Angeles homegrown label Culprit celebrates its 10th release "McLovin You" by M A N I K.
    Out now on Beatport and on vinyl in select stores.






    Celebrating its tenth release Culprit welcomes another exciting and upwardly mobile young American producer to its fold, M A N I K.

    Born and raised in NYC , M A N I Ks youthful looks belie the serious and sophisticated musical talent that lurks beneath. 2010 has been a break out year for this 25 yr old with his own original material appearing on some of the best underground electronic labels including Ovum, Poker Flat, Hideout, Four:Twenty and Chicago's Fresh Meat.

    Following his first EP for Ovum M A N I K approached Culprit, sensing a musical kinship with the labels love of combining modern cutting-edge with warm analogue retro sounds, as well as their support of American born and bred artists . From almost an album worth of material, Culprit handpicked four sonic nuggets, and McLovin You was born. The relationship was further cemented with M A N I Ks recent LA debut at Culprits rooftop summer party.

    As a DJ and producer its impossible to put M A N I K in any one box, he is not by any means your typical artist. Being heavily inspired by a diverse and comprehensive musical background, his style is a unique blend of cutting edge house, futuristic techno and deep, classic old school grooves, along with dark & edgy sounds.

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    also available on Juno and What People Play

    Junodownload (UK): http://www.junodownload.com/labels/Culprit/releases/

    What People Play (Germany): http://www.whatpeopleplay.com/?redir...l/id/000002783

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