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    I couldn't find a post so here it is.

    I am going to get a laptop stand. Seems to be a necessity. And I was looking at the Uber Stand (Stanton) and the L-Stand (Odyssey).

    I am leaning more toward the L-Stand because it has the awesome feature of being locked down to the back of a table. Which I think the uberstand doesn't.

    Does anyone have the L-Stand and how is it hold up for you.
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    I have the ghetto verison made in china rip off, and it works like a charm. I modded mine where the laptop sits. I put padding for my mac book...Ill post a pix over the weekend. (Stuck @ work atm)
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    I have the L-Stand with the tray attachment.

    it works great for my macbook with my Zero SL below it. I hide my Audio8DJ under the tray.

    I use the clamps to attach it to the back edge of my table - pretty sturdy and I like the way it keeps my mac book at eye level.

    I also have the Stanton Uber Stand that i use for gigs, i like it because it's very portable, and it allows me to keep the L-Stand connected to my table at home.

    first post in this thread has a current pic of my setup using the L-Stand: http://www.djtechtools.com/forum/showthread.php?t=17

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    Nice, thanks for the post. I think I'm going to get one this weekend. Yeah for x-mas bonuses.
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    Ok so I just got the Lstand in the mail today. Haven't put it up yet but I did noticed something very stupid and trivial.

    The box...

    This looks like pagaging for the new fisher-price happy toy of doom. lol
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