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    @ kouki...if your trying to do what i think your doing that yes it is possible to set up cue thru usb sound cards because thats what i am doing right now..i dont run any audio interfaces as i mix everything internally...In ableton i have my main out put to channels 1/2 and for my cueing i have it set to outputs 5/6...its all possible via asio4all, and make sure you get the latest version of it as with earlier versions i had a problem trying to set up Usb cues..hope that answers your question

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    so you don't need the use of an audio interface via ableton, assuming your using something like creative sound blaster play right? Is it possible to run ableton and traktor 3 at the same time then? Sorry for the noob questions in advance guys i'm only 2 weeks deep into this stuff.

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    Alright, there seems to be a problem arising in the words we are using to describe what we need.

    You should still have an audio interface. Now, by audio interface I mean a high quality external USB sound card (which includes the MAYA 44 and the Numark I/O). You can still do all of your mixing internally as Epidemic does (as do I). It is possible to run Ableton Live and Traktor 3 at the same time, but remember that the strength of your system is completely reliant on the weakest part of the chain.

    If your interface/sound card is terribly sub-par then everything will suffer and your latency will shoot through the roof. I would not rely on a Soundblaster or basic sound card, but would instead invest in some sort of Audio Interface. Ean has some articles about quality cards. And if you're serious about production I'd recommend reading the Tweakheadz guide (http://www.tweakheadz.com) and study what all this stuff does.
    It's the FAQ. Read it.

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    oooooooo ok ok i get it now thanks sooo much.

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    Hai People,

    I'm also looking for a good audio interface for my vci SE.

    The most importatn part is that it needs to be of very good sound guality.

    Also I like to switch between a cue form one deck and a cue of one deck combined with the master output. Does anyone knows if, for example the audio dj 4 gives you that capability?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuen View Post
    @ mekon_ca Is that what a RCA to female headphone adapter looks like? Was it easy to find? In theory it should work, I'm just looking for confirmation from users before I make a purchase. It seems everyone is recommending it as a great budget interface, but no-one actually owns one.
    What screen shot are u referring to?...is it possible to post the link?

    Thanx for the tip, I'll look into it.

    So...anyone out there, that owns a Maya44 usb & cueing on headphones?!

    Yup I just got one, you just assign output 3+4 to monitor in Traktor and then plug one of those in to the output. From there you plug your headphones in but there is no way to control the monitor volume without opening the ASIO control panel. A bit of a pain but it's good value for money!

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    i currently use the M-Audio Quattro and i havent had any problems with it and sound quality is great. Other people had problems cuz the drivers are old but it work for me.

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    Ok! so I finally got a Maya 44 usb interface - plugged it in - rca's from output 3&4 to my amp/speakers - output 1&2 via RCA to female headphone adapter connected to headphones. Drivers are installed & I can see the said soundcard in Ableton & other Software.

    Now, there's no sound coming outa my speakers when playing music/samples(please keep in mind I'm totally new to this kinda hardware & software) I'm thinking that I probably need to assign Monitor & Headphones via settings in the Software settings(how d I do this in Ableton) ...or...Ive plugged the headphones & monitor/amp/speakers in the wrong outputs ...or both

    Is there any simple way of testing if the soundcard works/is connected or installed properly. If I play audio through Winamp/Itunes will it work through my new sound card?
    Do I need to remove/disable my old soundcard for the Maya44 usb to work.

    Please help! I desperaely wanna get started, I've been waiting a long time for this.

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    Seriously m8...u should read the Live manual about the I/O, it explains how do it
    Anyway on the right handside of the window u should see a small circle with ''I/O'', if u click on it, it will give the option to either route the audio to master or external ouput for every channel of Live including Master and Cue Out.
    In your case u should route the Cue Out to channel 1/2 and the Master to channel 3/4.
    Now if u go to Live preferences and click on the audio tab make sure u select the Maya as audio device and check the channel configuration(...make sure the channel are actually on!) and u should b fine if u follow this procedure.
    Also I strongly suggest to download the latest version of Asio4all
    Sorry if my english is not correct...hope it all make sense and u can get started asap

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    I'm using the NI audio 4.. its fucking beautiful!

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