Vci 100 line fader!
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    Default Vci 100 line fader!

    Hi! During my last performance the left line fader just stoped working and felt all lose...when i slide it up it turns of the entire unit and if i use a litle more pressure it starts jumping around and as soon as I let it go it just sends a signal as if it is fully down. To make it short its broken! Now I need to replace it. So, please I need to fix this asap couse I got another gig coming on and need to know with what fader?? Does it have to be a original one or can I use a diferent one? THX A LOT!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sm00sh View Post
    I've never seen that Sm00sh, very nice post.

    You can try to clean it first, but I think your right and it's broken.
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