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    Here is my last recorded mix. crits welcome.

    Track List:
    1. blende - fluttery will get you nowhere
    2. burns - kiss n hold
    3. calvin harris - i'm not alone (burns rewerk)
    4. oh land - sun of a gun (yusek remix)
    5. euphorie - stratosfear
    6. wolfgang gartner - illmerica (extended remix)
    7. boys noise & erol alkan - lemonade (realboy remix)
    8. boys noise - yeah
    9. crystal castles - celestica (the sonixx remix)
    10. cyberpunks - i needed to go
    11. flight of the concords - 2 many dicks on the dance floor (st beethoven mix)
    12. grum - go back (le castle vania remix)
    13. the noisy freaks - fast chased
    14. futurecop! - transformer (ooga booga remix)
    15. wolfgang gartner - push & rise
    16. we are tokyo - best in me (nineynine's nightmare remix)
    17. f.o.o.l - to japan and never back

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    ok initial reaction while listening at work:

    #1. It needs to be faster i think, i dont think 128bpm is a good banging Electro tempo, tech house and techno yes, electro, not so much. 130+ tends to sound best.

    #2. You have 17 tracks in under 40mins. Imo, thats a lot.

    a) Personally I would have liked you to develop the songs a bit more. For example, I love Illmerica, that is a killer track, but you only played like 30 seconds of it! There were other times too where I was thinking "this is a great track, I want to hear more of it" but it was cut short.

    b) Because you use 17 tracks it tends to sound a bit too chaotic for me as you jump around from track to track. Was it harmonically mixed? Don't get me wrong, I think trying to harmonically mix electro is a nightmare...but even a few tracks at a time helps.

    You had some great tracks in there! So, personally, I think I would have taken 10-13 of those tracks and ran with them in 40mins. Just my opinion, take that for what its worth, in my mixes I like to let songs unfold a bit more, if that's not your thing, then whatever heh.

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