Fighter not playing nice w/ Traktor/Mac
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    Default Fighter not playing nice w/ Traktor/Mac

    Hey guys,

    I'm fairly new to all this so if I did miss a post cut me a break... But, I'm encountering some problems with my Fighter. I got the fighter on Nov. 18th, 2010, #56/500. Put it together. Plugged it in to the Mac, downloaded the Focus mapping, Fighter did it's light show, and then nothing.

    I'm running Trak Pro 1.2.1. I've tried downloading the mapping numerous times. I've tried restarting Traktor as well. They never seem to stay, or be remembered by Traktor. Each time I go into settings, it reverts to Generic Keyboard. Plus when I download the mappings all I get in the assignment table is"I/O." I'm assuming there are more assignments.

    The LED'S on the fighter light up, and Traktor says its receiving MIDI signals, but I can't load, slice, or anything for that matter.

    As I said I'm new to this, and hopefully I'm not being totally retarded. I did download the mappings and such for my Hercules RMX a few months ago Any help at all would be excellent.


    Hopefully I'm not being retarded and totally missing something but if you could help me out that would be excellent. I'll post something in the forums soon as well.

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    What version of OSX are you using?

    Can you set the Midifighter in MIDI Devices in Utilities ?

    I am able to test that midi notes are received in Snow Leopard.

    Have you tried flashing with the latest firmware?
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    Your six versions behind. Upgrade to 1.6.7 and come back here if it doesn't work after that.
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