Right now I have a rane ttm56 I want a kontrol x1. My whole set up would be two tables the mixer and x1 and the oxygen 8 with a foot pedal. Im curious I duno if,i missed it on the oxygen 8 tutorial, I know ean talks bout using his mixer.... But how dose mixing say decks c and d work with the oxygen, are some of the knobs set,to volume for each deck? Im sure id know myself but im well broke and its,been slow gowing,one piece of gear at a time, so I havent goten to play around yet, I need a laptop traktor scratch pro and a audio 8.... Ne ways id like to know if I should be looking at any other mixers. Or if il be able to mix four decks fine with that. Also I like 2 channle battle mixers with transform switches and buttery faders. Thanks for any advice. I dont want to make bad purchases.