If ur bored check this out and critique :P
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    Default If ur bored check this out and critique :P

    FIrst mix session recorded...Now listening and reflecting back it sux i do feel like i should have maybe set up cuepoints and actually practiced the songs i wanted to play instead of just hitting record and just picking songs.. but i like to challenge myself ... towards the end it seems to be tighter

    hoiw do u feel about just clicking play with no pre planned outcome and just going at it???

    I have tough skin tear me apart with the critique, thnx in advance

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    I skimmed it a little, I enjoyed it. When I practice and do a mix I do a one shot like that. Its good for you. I know my tunes but really enjoy when I pull out some tracks that I can't remember and just see what happens when I mix. Thats how you stumble on the great stuff and file it away to play at the club.

    Keep up the good work.

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