Pure Phase Live Controllerism/ Turntablism
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    Default Pure Phase Live Controllerism/ Turntablism

    I’m in a production duo called pure phase and we mainly write Dubstep and Bass heavy tracks and we’ve been developing ideas on how to mash, scratch and glitch our tracks live in performance.

    Here is a recent live set http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NT9pC0XK-rQ

    The current set up is based around a Turntable and DJ mixer, but the Audio is powered by one Mac Book Pro running Ableton Live, Reaktor 5 and Traktor Scratch Pro, using a Korg Zero4 as Audio interface, mixer and Midi controller along with Novation’s Dicer for added control of Traktor.

    Using this combination of software and hardware, we’ve ended up creating a two player instrument. It can be played by a solo player, but we’re more interested in seeing what we can create through collaboration and the dialogue between two players.

    Ableton serves as a host for the finished tracks, which we mash up using a bespoke reaktor patch, and the effects can be controlled via midi using a keyboard and nobs on the Korg Zero4. I’m manipulating an extra layer of samples using Trakator and can select cue point using the Dicer.

    One issue at gigs was having room to set up, as we previously used two macs (one for Traktor, the other with Reaktor)with midi controllers, DJ mixer and turntables, I’m pleased we’ve managed to strip our set up back to using just a turntable and a DJ mixer at It’s core. For a while i used an Akai LPD8 to trigger cue points, but the Dicer works much better as i don't need to take my hand away from he turntable to use it.

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    Pure Phase - Depleted Uranium [Filthy Digital] 2008

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    Keep up the goood work!

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    Pretty cool stuff guys.
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    absolutely dope stuff! do you both know what the other is doing? or just improvise and go along with it?
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    this is nice....i really like this..
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    very nice, much props!
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