Mapping an Akai LPD8 for Traktor
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    Default Mapping an Akai LPD8 for Traktor

    Hey everyone. I upgraded to Traktor w/ an X1 Kontrol last week. I have things setup so my Technics manually control Decks A n B and the X1 is all set for Decks C and D. But I want to map my Akai LPD8 to control some of the looping features and FX for Decks A n B. I am having alot of trouble mapping the knobs to control my Loop Size and FX. Any suggestions/ help? I'm a real novice with Midi mapping. Thanks.

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    as far as loop size goes you may want to change the high end number to be much lower like 14 I think there are that many numbers between super fine and 32 beats I could be wrong thou. That way you have exactly the number of steps between far left and far right on the knob. I am horrible at explaining mappings so please if that doesn't make any sense let me know exactly what your trying to do with what knobs/buttons and I'll try to help you map it out.
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    Thanks for the response. Here's what I want to do. I want to set KNOB 1 to control the Loop Size section in Deck A (1/32 - 4) and KNOB 5 to do the same for Deck B. I'm assuming that I would then need to set a couple pads to then play the loop I selected. But I'm pretty sure I can set the pads I want. I just need help setting those knobs.
    I can't seem to get it to work using the Learn feature in Traktor and I'm not sure how to map it in the LPD8 Editor.

    I'm doing alot of reading and YouTube watching of how people do mappings. Hoping I get better at it.

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

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