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    Default Advice on the career in music

    This might be somewhat of a broad question, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on where I can head toward.

    I'm 25, from Korea, studying in US right now, graduating from a college with a Sound Recording degree in December. I'm planning on moving to Seattle as it seems to be one of the best places to get into music; not too big, but still a good-sized city. (and I love the city) Throughout this year, I have been thinking about what to do after graduation, and realized that there isn't much I could do right out of the college to make income as a sound engineer, since many of those positions start from internships without pay. After thinking of other options possible, being a DJ came to my mind. It was something that I always wanted to do, but never really looked into. I contacted local DJs for lessons, and started going through various online forums and websites, absorbing everything I read. (It's quite amazing how much information is available on these forums/blogs)

    In the long run, I want to be a producer, writing/producing Pop/Electronic/Jazz music. But it seems quite hard to make a living out of it right out of the college, as it takes a bit of time to be able to make a living as a producer. (Also, I have no connection with any professionals) I don't mean to say I could instantly make steady income from DJing either, but at least I can start from small gigs from friends, and I feel that I would be able to make some income if I devote my time into it. Also, as I get some reputation as a good DJ, I'm thinking it would be easier to make connections with people in the music industry and start introducing my music to them.

    I have a year in Seattle, (my visa expires one year after graduation) my current goal is to be able to make enough monthly income for living in Seattle, while acquiring certain level of reputation as a DJ, and be able to get a start in my career either as a producer or touring DJ, hopefully in near future. When I go back to Korea, I could continue my efforts there, even though there would be less opportunities for me there.

    So, I have two questions;

    1. As a DJ, what would be the best way to make a living? It seems like being a mobile DJ could be profitable, but on the other hand, I feel like I should focus on being a club DJ first to get closer to the genre of music that I will be producing. Could I do both?

    2. Am I on the right track? Is there possibly a better path to get to producing music? (while being able to make an income)

    For some info on what I have now, I have,

    Pro Tools 9 (upgrading from 8) with Mbox2
    virtual synths and plug-ins (including NI Massive, Addictive Drums, Waves Gold)
    Genelec 1029A studio monitors
    Desktop that I run my DAW on (i7 920)
    Laptop that I run Traktor on
    midi keyboard (axiom 61)
    Traktor with Kontrol S4
    Extensive Jazz collection (I dance Lindy Hop as a hobby, and DJ for the dances)
    In the process of building Top40/Electronic music library

    I have work experience as,
    studio engineer
    live sound engineer
    intern for an independent record label in Seattle

    I was not sure who I could ask this question to, as I have no mentor in this area of music, and thought there might be someone here that could help me.

    Thank you so much for reading this long post, and I would really appreciate your advice.

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    have you looked at interning at KEXP? That would be an excellent place to get your foot in the door.

    AUDIO AND VIDEO PRODUCTION: This internship allows interns to work directly with KEXP’s Production and Online department, and offers hands on experience in live sound, recorded sound, video production and more!

    Education: Some High School

    Tasks: Tasks vary in each internship but can include:

    (Beginning) Filing, database management, maintaining sound equipment, band hospitality

    (Intermediate) Photo editing, assisting KEXP engineers at live-remote broadcasts and in-studio performances, basic sound editing.

    (Advanced) Filming and editing video for KEXP’s blog and video podcasts, sound production for KEXP on-air pre-produced spots

    Qualifications: See above for General Requirements. We are also looking for people with experience in live and recorded sound, video editing, and advanced photo editing skills.

    Skills learned in this internship: Depending on the skill level of your internship (beginning, intermediate or advanced) Photoshop or other photo editing software, video editing software, Project Management, Problem Solving

    Hours: 10-20 hours a week, to take place during business hours (M-F, 9a-6p)
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