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    Hi iam looking for this soundcard , i want to use it with ableton live on my mac ,(8 mono chanels/4 decks in ableton , full tracks)
    So i have some questions I know that its budget but you know , now i cant get Audio 8(TS pro in CZE) And new card from NI will be pretty expensive

    Being a USB 1.1 device, should I expect performance (latency) issues if I'm just pushing sound out from my laptop?
    Related to the last question, if I end up using 8 channels , the sample rate is reduced to 44.1 KHz/16b . Would this be acceptable in a club setting?
    Overall, how appropriate would this sound card be in a club setting?

    Thx for any advice , help or opinion.

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    I'm not sure about latency issues, but a sample rate of 44.1 should be fine, that's the same as a CD.

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