TSI File 4 Bank Mode
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    Default TSI File 4 Bank Mode

    Hi Folks,

    I have been working on a layout that takes advantage of the 4 Bank mode. This one is focused mainly on deck-control, Looping & Browser.
    The Mapping is planned to work alongside another midi-controller that would have knobs assigned for FX & faders etc.

    I will be posting the mapping for VCM 100 as well (FX Combo Beast) Just finishing of the overlay guide on that too.

    See attached picture for explanation on the mapping. Please feel free to send feedback & impressions or share your mapping. : )



    Link to TSI-File :


    Link to Image :


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    To Make the download link work instead of clicking on it, choose right click & Then Save as.

    After download add .tsi onto the file-extension , so this will enable Traktor to recognise the file on import.

    Please let me know if any problems.

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    That's a good start. I can't help but notice that you could, using modifiers, put two operations on the same button, e.g. Preview Play and Preview Stop could act as a toggle on a single button.

    Then you've got free buttons for more stuff!

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