Beatport problems with charging my card
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    Default Beatport problems with charging my card

    So I wen't on beatport and saw the little classic track sale they are having and I immediately got a few hundred ( ) new (old) tracks. So I checkout with my new card, and it says transaction declined, I know the money's there so I check my information. It's correct so I try it again, same result...I try it one more time and get the same result. I check my balance this morning and lo and behold there are 3 charges pending from so I contact the customer support and they are just "you will get your money recredited back to your account in 3 days" I say I'd like to get 2 of the orders recredited to my card and the other made so I can download the songs as I'd like to take advantage of the sale, and they are unresponsive now, has anyone else had a similar situation and have any insight into a way I can expedite the process so I can take advantage of the sale. Thanks in advance


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    Did you pay with a debit or credit card?
    Edit: n/m I should've read your whole post. With debit cards, the retailer actually has to send information regarding the transactions to your bank, so it takes a whole lot longer. Call up your bank and ask them what you need to do to get the charges reversed quickly, you might get lucky and they will do it for you. But you have to be the one to initiate the bank otherwise they will just wait until they get the info they need from Beatport.
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    Totally unrelated, but I've had all kinds of wackiness going on today with my debit card.
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    Yah not so long ago someone used mine to buy a flight from australia to sweden

    To OP - that sucks - you wanna tell Beatport you've gone overdrawn because of it - see if they offer you something free - doubt it tho.
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    This whole fiasco is really frustrating me...I would think that Beatport's store wouldn't actually work like this (where if something comes up that flags your cc/debit card it still puts a pending charge on it). I really am thinking of just paying the 40 cents difference and going with Juno exclusively from here on.

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