[TSI] MF Deckalised for TS4
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    Default [TSI] MF Deckalised for TS4

    So after concussing myself really bad last weekend I'm now feeling good enough to finish off my MidiFighter mapping for Traktor Pro S4.

    This is version 1 it has no bugs I have found yet but is not yet feature complete. I've dropped the pitch bend stuff off the bottom buttons as the S4 is really good at that but only average on the cue points that now sit there.

    To do this one the mapping and sort by name find
    Effect Select 1
    Set Note.E2 to Beatmasher2
    Set Note.F2 to Beatmasher2
    Set Note.F#2 to Beatmasher2
    Set Note.G2 to Beatmasher2

    Effect Select 2
    Set Note.A#2 to Filter:92 LFO

    Effect Select 3
    Set Note.A2 to Gater

    Effect Select
    FX Unit 3 to BeatSlicer

    Effect Select
    Fx Unit 4 to Delay

    And you're ready to rock!

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    Anyone with a s4 and MFs give this a shot yet? Feedback? My MFs are on the way and will give this a whirl once I get em...

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    I just got it loaded and everything inside Traktor S4 set. The TSI works great initially but then after a few minutes, no longer triggers the effects on and off on A, B, C, or D.


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    Default With further investigation...

    It looks like its a problem with 'gater' button and the 4 rolls (the other effects seem to be working). When jumping around between focused decks, at some point they will not trigger the effect on for the focused deck. I think I saw a similar issue in the original deckalized TSI when trying to make it work with my S4.


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