Hi there, I've never posted here before although I have read many posts so thank you in advance to all those who post here.

I've basically got a few questions about traktor and using some different controllers that I'm not sure of. I own both traktor pro and traktor scratch pro. I would like to have two set ups for different situations. Are these possible?

1. Use traktor pro with a faderfox dj2 (midi) and the Traktor X1 (usb) controller, using the Audio 8 soundcard. I would just play on one mixer channel.


2. Use Traktor scratch pro with the traktor x1 on Traktor scratch but without changing the traktor pro settings.

Set up 1. is for playing in clubs with my mate who uses Ableton

Set up 2. is for playing on my turntables at home.

Thankyou in advance, you are gentlemen!