Help with traktor, Maschine and general sound routing
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    Default Help with traktor, Maschine and general sound routing

    atm, i have my computers sound going out through channel D, this works

    Traktor i have an external mixer, and the master outon the mixer going into in 5/6, this is outputting because i can hear it on the headphones, but its only getting as far as the A8 and not out to my speakers

    Maschine, it seems to output through my mixer and follows the same path along channel C (5/6) to the A8, but with the HP's connected to the A8 the sound is extremely crackly and distorted

    I have my monitors connected to output channel D and theyre working with windows sounds, but that is it
    Essentially, i would like to know if i can route the output from my external mixer into the A8 straight through and out channel D (it seems to work when i change mixing mode to internal)
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