thinking about exchanging kontrol S4 for Serato???
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    Default thinking about exchanging kontrol S4 for Serato???

    So i love my traktor kontrol s4 but i am thinking about exchanging it and getting serato sl 3 and some cheap turntables until i can afford cdj's . I am hoping to be playing clubs in the future and feel it would be wise and also i use ableton. My question is with serato sl3 how do i control the effects? can i use a midi intereface or do i need to have an expensive mixer. Does sl3 have a beat roll like traktor does by quantization or do i just need to buy a more expensive mixer???ah decisions. i do not know what to do. I am going to be mostly djing EDM but also some hip hop and my own music. With serato sl 3 can i dj just from my laptop as well ? when i do not have decks around.

    Thanks in advance.

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    S4 is gonna have Traktor Scratch (turntable) support soon... hold tight for that i would.

    I think you will find Serato limiting imo just from the questions you're asking.

    Get stuck into that S4 mate, it looks like a super powerful tool
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    If you wanna stay creative stick with the s4. That is not saying that people using serato are uncreative. I just find it alot easier to mash tunes in traktor.

    And yes i have used serato
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    Am I reading this correctly? Lol u want to get rid of the kontrol S4 and get serato? You will be making the biggest mistake of your DJ career ... I don't ever want to read this again lol

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    Dude youve got:
    Kontrol S4
    Might buy SL3 and cheap decks
    Before you get CDJS.

    Sounds to me that you dont really know where you going with all this.

    Keep the S4 for a bit longer. Get used to it. Then you will know if you need all the features or you want to go in a different direction.

    you will only know what you want to do given enough time.

    Take it a bit slower.

    Patience young padwan must have

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    You want to exchange gold for bronze? People like different things but, that's gotta be a first.

    I would suggest trying the Serato 2.2 beta (or some number close to). Like you I'm a Traktor user, I wanted to see my options so I gave that beta a try. Within 15mins of Serato use I didn't like it, perhaps you will. You should be able to get atleast $600 for S4 so you should have quite the budget for what type of setup your looking for if your not too picky. .

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    I see no reason to do this unless you really love to beatmatch. That's some really last decade stuff though. I know a couple of people who wanted some "old-school" cred with the local guys who have been at it forever and switched to Serato for really no other reason. They also started posting on Hollerboard, mysteriously. Not really a good look if you ask me.

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    i agree with all these guys... why switch for something shit when you got the cream of the crop... Ive used Both SSL and TSP with DVS in clubs and i can say TSP is WAAAY better than serato for running timecodes... plus you got all those nice effects... way more than in serato... if you hang out for a few months... the s4 will have Timecode support and then... if you really wanted to you could buy some turntables and some timecode vynils... But im sure once you get into the S4 you will see that what you have said here is quite stupid (no offence)...

    I have mates that still use CDJ's/Vynil setups... and they would KILL to trade there whole analog setup for an S4... do yourself a favour... KEEP IT!!!

    And in the future if you get club gigs... whats stopping you from bringing your S4 along to perform... i bring a dump truck full of midi controllers, and my laptop to my gigs when i play... Just because the club has gear... doesnt mean you have to use it if you play there... Just make sure if you start gigging with your s4 to get a descent roadcase for it... you wouldnt want to damage that pwetty controller of yours now would you :P

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    i was in a compulsive mood last night. i just am more worried about switching over at clubs as i have some gigs coming up as well as using the bridge because most of my work is in ableton live. i dont know i might give traktor more of a chance i do love it. my music partner uses serato i guess i could try his out. do you think traktor will upgrade to color waveforms anytime soon?

    I also am worried about the fact that the s4 is all in one piece and the faders aren't replaceable.

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    If you want to use fx's with Serato, you can either use the computers keyboard or get a Nano Pad or Akai LPD8.

    I honestly believe the kontrol S4 is a great tool to dj with but if you want to play at clubs, and be plug and play...go with Serato.

    Here in L.A. the norm is a DJM-800/1200/CDJ1000 with a SL1 or SL3.

    I use Traktor 80% of the time when I dj, but I alway keep serato at the ready when I have to keep it old school and use 1200's.
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